The intended communication objective for my infographic was to teach the consumer how to style long hair in a hair bun. The graphic needed to represent a basic and straightforward visual representation on how to recreate the look that could be consumed easily. My target audience was those wanting an elegant but easy hairstyle for everyday use that required little to no upkeep.

Initially my colour scheme consisted of green and blue shades but in my final product I used shades of blue and red. I felt like the green overpowered the image a bit and found that by having the main colour as blue made the image feel more calming. I decided to use the red shades because not only did it make it easy to use them for my portraits it also complimented the blue shades quite well. I feel that the shades of red also brought in some elegance to the graphic reflecting my communication objective.

For the composition of the image I used a darker shade of blue to break up the image into three sections and was inspired by another graphic to use a zig-zag pattern to break up the top two sections. I gave the actual tutorial section of my graphic the biggest size and weight as that is my primary focus. The title of my graphic was of next importance as it is what needs to draw the audience in to consume my message and let them know what they’re looking at.

To create my infographic I created vectors of a banner and used the Honey Script font from for my title, using a shadow for the text and the arc effect for both the banner and text. For the bows, portraits and equipment required I took photos of objects, drawings and myself re-creating the look, to trace them with the pen tool into vectors and filled them with colour appropriately. The text I used to accompany the portraits was Soft Elegance, also off I decided to use this sans serif, tidy font to make the process easy to read and leave no room for error. I decided to use the Honey Script font in the bottom section detailing what equipment is required to recreate the look as it reinforced the elegance I was wanting to portray within the graphic.

For my A8-sized graphic I decided to only use the completed-look portrait, banner and title, and two bows. I trialed this graphic with the equipment required around the portrait but it felt a bit too overpowering with all the black elements and I didn’t want to take away from the portrait. i used the same colour scheme within this graphic for continuity between my graphics.


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