Composition plays a big part in how coherently your message/graphic is portrayed.

Above is an infographic about how the United Nations System operates. This graphic is incredibly overwhelming with information and can be rather difficult to follow. The viewers eye does not flow through the graphic, it is twisted and turned in every direction to sections that loop between each other. The use of solid and dotted lines/arrows between sections intersect with others frequently and the viewers eye can get lost or distracted between sections. This is an example of a poorly constructed infographic with too much information that does not coherently flow.

This above graphic however effectively uses composition to create a coherent message leads the viewers eye through the graphic to convey the appropriate message. The sections are in a list format that draws the viewers eye left to right then down – as is how text is read in the English language. Sections are uniform in shape and size, one does not detract from the other.



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