After talking about typography in this weeks tutorial I decided to do some more research on it.

I spent a bit of time on the typography subreddit and found this image from The Simpsons. The two different scenes represented use typography to represent the same message in different ways and as a result represent polar opposite meanings.

I continued browsing the subreddit and found a link to a TED talk by David Carson that also talked about how the use of typography can present two different messages from the same text.

Typography is the arrangement and formatting of text and contains different elements such as letters, words, text, size, sans serif and serif.

In the example used in the youtube video, two different type’s are used to convey the message, while also employing size.

The first example of the “No Parking” sign gets the point across to the viewer. The second example employs a handwritten-looking type to convey the message and is a lot larger than the first sign. David poses a question to the audience, asking which sign they would park in front of, and it is clear that you wouldn’t park outside the second sign out of fear of whoever wrote the sign.



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