Work in progress 3

This week I filled around with the colour scheme a bit and found something that I like better. As I will be having portraits in my graphic I think the pink/coral colours will work better than the green. I also added some bows that I traced from my own drawing as I felt the top section was a bit empty with just the banner.0ba4c95340a1d388e2ae807adc8ac948

Work in progress 3

2 thoughts on “Work in progress 3

  1. Hey Stacey! I too prefer your new colour scheme, I think blue works more effectively with the pink rather than the green which was more in your face. I really like your choice of font and the way you’ve placed your text with the elements at the bottom of your infograph. Im interested to see what will fill the blank space in the middle šŸ™‚

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  2. I really like the new choice of colours. As someone has already mentioned they do look more cohesive and are aesthetically pleasing. Also the vectors you have created are really well done. Your ideas are all clear and concise and think your final infographic will turn out really well


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