Concept Thumbnails

Drawing has never been one of my strong points, so please excuse the potato quality drawings.



This is the full concept of my first idea. I’ve pictured the subject playing the First Person Shooter game, Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Stated in my communication objectives, I plan on the room being quite dark, lit by either the screen itself or also a dim lamp, but I couldn’t really draw that.


This shows a close up of the left side of my image. To show that the subject has little care for their real life and escapes into a virtual one, I thought overdue bills and notices of being take to collection agencies could work well. After drawing these images I thought of putting in a vodka bottle or some other kind of alcohol next to these letters to portray the subjects unhappiness with their real life.

20150329_155128For this side of the image I thought the use of a photo frame that had been turned face down would display that the subject has chosen to block out his real-life family and friends in favour of their virtual contacts. The use of various fast-food packaging would further demonstrate the subjects lack of care for the real world, including their body.


This thumbnail and the one after portray my secondary idea that I find to be the weaker of the two. This idea features two different backgrounds, one real-life and one virtual, displaying the subjects two different environments. The real-life side (on the left) would feature trash and fast-food packaging like the first and show a run down environment, with the curtains in the room being tattered and torn. The virtual side (right) pictures the subject in a survival environment, inspired by the zombie-survival genre of games (DayZ, H1Z1 etc.), in which they are seen to be more comfortable.


If I were to go ahead with this idea, I want to portray a distinct difference in the subjects expression between the two environments. On the left the subject would be pictured to be physically tired (wrinkles, bags under eyes, bloodshot eyes) where their virtual character would be the complete opposite and full of energy.

I have my doubts about this idea, it would be fun to carry out, but I worry that the idea I aim to represent would not come off as strong enough as my first idea. Also, trying to emulate a game in real-life may be too difficult.

Concept Thumbnails

5 thoughts on “Concept Thumbnails

  1. I really like this article that you have chosen. I have seen so much about virtual reality lately and I think that it could have a serious negative effect on people. People who are unhappy or suffer from depression may be very prone to losing themselves in this fake world, similar to how some people view video games. I like your ideas and I think that you can definitely use photoshop to your advantage. Making the room dark and gloomy, like something out of a scary movie would be a great move. It would really set the tone of your image. My one concern would be that the viewer would think this image is criticizing video games, and not virtual reality. Maybe instead of headphones try to use some sort of contraption covering their eyes, so the point really gets across. Overall, I think its a great idea and I can see that your ideas are leading you in a good direction. Good Luck!


  2. I think your concept ideas are interesting. I wonder how you will incorperate photoshop into the first image. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems that you will you be able to take this photo and not photoshop anything except than darkening the background. It’s such a cool concept it would be a shame to lose marks due to not enough photoshopping. Perhaps you could take a photo of someone playing Counterstrike at their computer and photoshop the image so that they are sitting on the street, completely oblivious to the outside world. Just an idea. Keep up the good work!


  3. You have some good ideas here, my personal favourites are where you’ve compared the two different environments 🙂 It would be interesting to see how you compare the two environments if you were to take on that idea


  4. I think that all of your concept thumbnails are quite interesting. Although you think your last idea and concepts are weaker than the rest, I think they are equally as strong. I think that having both the real world and the virtual world split down the middle of the screen would very effective in communicating your idea. The only thing I would say if you did decide to continue developing this idea is to ensure that the split down the middle isn’t too dramatic and makes the virtual world seem fake and not photo real.


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