Communication Objectives

The article I chose on virtual reality gaming highlights many social impacts on individuals. I believe going in the direction of communicating the harmful effects from the immersion in virtual reality would be the most impact-full and visually interesting. The two main effects I would focus on would be addiction and escapism as I believe these are the strongest two present within the article.

One idea that I have had is to portray contrasting “realities” of an individual side by side, one real life and one virtual. In the real life section of the image I want feelings of despair, depression and isolation to be present. I imagine a gloomy room slightly trashed with rubbish all over the place. I’ve had trouble picturing how I would compose the virtual half of the image seeing as it has to be photo-real. A possibility would be to emulate the concept of the zombie survival games DayZ or H1Z1, with the subject shown in a apocalyptic woodland scenario with zombies seen in the background. I think the use of a blueish tint to this part of the image would imitate the colouring used within computer monitors, emphasising the virtual representation.

Another idea that I have come up with to present the idea is seeing the subject leaving behind his reality to escape into the virtual world. The way I pictured this idea was to be positioned behind the subject at their computer desk and witness the lack of care for their real environment. Again, the use of rubbish, such as takeaway wrappers, and scattered clothing would be beneficial in illustrating this perspective. For lighting I imagine it being poorly lit, either by the subject’s computer screens or a dim lamp.

These are my two strongest ideas at the moment, I am still trying to fine-tune others as well as these to get a better understanding of where I see this project going.

Communication Objectives

3 thoughts on “Communication Objectives

  1. I like your ideas so far. While I was reading this, I also thought of other possible ideas you could do. They are along the lines of what you were talking about. So with your first idea, you said “one real life and one virtual” and I thought it would be cool to have a close up shot of a person’s face but one half represents the real life (he’s face shows his emotions and background is of his room thats messy) and the virtual life (he seems enchanted by the world, you could have gaming effects (like the picture on your article post) as the background). Another idea that came to mind is a side shot of him walking out of his room and into the virtual world.

    These are just ideas that I thought of. You don’t have to use them, but food for thought… maybe?
    I’m excited to see what you come up with. Good luck! 🙂


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